The two slang words i use in my everyday life

Boetie Pronounced 'Boet - tea' specifically means little brother in Afrikaans because of the "ie" diminutive suffix. Dog het gedog hy plant 'n veer en 'n hoender kom op — lit.

This translates well into British English as "Shut your gob. The little boy was such a goof off in class. Used often in the context of "I swear it's true" or "Really? Brown-eyed, sweet, cute, hot chick that lives in, oh yeah!

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As long as you're healthy. Person who gets in the last remark, and it's usually sarcastic. Look at that sand clock up there Derived from the English term "poop", it literally means "to pass gas".

Sometimes pronounced "broo-kheh" See also: Usually refers to food, but can be used to describe a "tasty little lady. French fries refers to thinly cut chips. Refers to anyone who is standing and staring unnecessarily at something whether it is at an object or into blank space, i.

Compare the US slang word phat. Colloquially used to refer to a large, dark mole. The store owner asked the kids to beat it when he saw that they were misbehaving in the store. Can be a derogatory term for being overweight, similar to "dikgat", as well as the Satiety -state also known as the absence of hunger after a meal, or the sensation of being "full" dikbek — grumpy, in a huff literally: Saannnks for the pony, Aunt Dorothy.

Obviously, as you know. Parents might also say Kaddish for a child who has done something so terrible that, to the family, he or she is "dead. You're not going to listen to me anyway. Less coarse than 'fuck'.

Slang Words: What Are Young People Saying These Days?

The con artist talked the people into investing into some property overseas that really did not exist. Popularized by singer-comedian Robbie Wessels in the song of the same name, it refers to a sexual dance but slightly more humorous than vulgar.Johnscabin Slang is a dictionary of slang, webspeak, made up words, and colloquialisms.

Browse our listings, or submit your own slang words to our site. Giving Me Life. This phrase is used when something gets you excited or impresses you greatly. This song is giving me life! YAS! Sickening.

This is an adjective that is used when something or someone looks very good. It is like saying “This is so good it makes me sick!” She looked sickening in that dress! Ship. This word can be a verb. Few things get more attention it seems than money.

People use it every day—sometimes multiple times a day. People plan where they live around money, where they travel around money, where they work around money, and where they retire around money. First off, let me say this book is very dirty in language Something I don't recommend to minors, unless you are the type to allow them to learn such words and teach them to use them in the right situation.

In fact, Internet slang words can transform language itself Don't Poke Me!

Easy Words to Use as Sentence Starters to Write Better Essays

How Internet Slang Words Have Transformed Language Don't Poke Me! How Internet Slang Words Have Transformed Language It's amazing to see how Internet words are having such a tremendous impact on the English language.

American Slang Words and Phrases: At times it may even mean understanding when to use American slang words and when not to. That fact is that the best way to fail at setting up a native-looking and feeling website is to fail to understand the local language paradigm.

Those are born from histories and cultures that are important to people.

The two slang words i use in my everyday life
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