The gatton academy admissions essay

My job was to purify and analyze samples of a tuberculosis-attacking bacteriophage. I am well known at the Academy for my devotion to my Faith, and for my ability to practice and defend it! I said a quick prayer and did my best.

The Gatton Academy selects 99 students for Class of 2020

Tyson is director of the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural History and host of NOVA ScienceNow, which explores the frontiers of scientific discoveries that are reshaping our understanding of the universe. I was interested in math and science; they were interested in Catholic schools; we were all praying for God to lead me to the right place.

Saadia Akhtar top photo of Greenwood and Linyue Fan of South Warren High were among the high-performing students chosen to attend the prestigious school.

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Once you have examined this information as well as the requirements for admission, please also consider the following dates.

To be sure, there might be some very good reasons why students who attend schools in Warren County snagged such a disproportionate share of the overall Gatton slots.

The Gatton Academy

This pool of applicants was our strongest and most diverse group that I have seen which consequently has led to one of our strongest classes to date. I had been interested in the school for its strong math and science programs, and for its unusually low tuition fee, and had requested to be placed on their mailing list some months before.

Magazine and D'Zine, Ltd. The most difficult part of the application process for me was the letters of recommendation. You will participate in several sessions focusing on study skills, life choices, mathematics, and other areas.

Moreover, The Gatton Academy assists in preparing Kentucky to compete in a knowledge-based economy by increasing the number of scientists and engineers who live and work in the state.

The admissions application helps us not only learn about your academic strengths but also about you as an individual. The Gatton Academy acts as an extension of every high school in the state by working with local educators to meet the needs of high-ability students like you. Additionally, students are able to participate in advanced research with WKU faculty members.

The selected students scored an average composite of In our history, we have never seen a pool of applicants as strong and diverse as the Class ofwhich consequently has led to one of our strongest classes to date.

My professor even told me, when I chanced to meet him on campus, that he thought I wrote excellent papers and that I should consider majoring in English. While numerous students make good grades in these subjects, it takes a student who has a passion for learning Scan me to learn more about the Gatton Academy!

The majority of Gatton Academy students also participate in a study abroad or global learning experience in locations such as Costa Rica, Italy, Greece, England and China. Do students have the opportunity to participate in community service?

Specialized schools are, instead, acknowledged by The Public Elites. Richie and Sonya Kessler. After the February 1 application deadline, the Gatton Academy Admissions Committee will review your application.

College Applications are in Full Swing

For one thing, Gatton is a residence school, and some highly talented high school age kids in other areas of Kentucky might not want to live far away from home.

Students are highly encouraged to remain on campus during weekends, as it is an important time for relaxation, study, and community building.

Gatton Academy selects 100 students for Class of 2018

Cars are parked in the satellite lot approximately three miles from campus and are accessible only as students depart for visits home, closed weekends, and holidays.

Parents and friends may visit whenever they like, providing it does not interfere with your class schedule. The Gatton Academy15International ReachThe Gatton Academy provides a wide array of opportunities for students to participate in international learning experiences.

Additionally, the Academy offers a course in Old Testament history, which I intend to take. Have you spent a summer looking into a STEM field through a camp or research program for young students?The Gatton Academy is Kentucky’s only state-supported, residential program for high school students with interests in advanced science and math careers and one of sixteen such programs in the nation.

Through a partnership formed between Commerce Lexington Inc. and the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business and Economics, a scholarship in the amount of $15, will be available to a Commerce Lexington member to help eliminate a portion of the cost of the UK/UofL Executive MBA program, beginning in August – The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky has selected 95 Kentucky sophomores for the Class of Applicants were evaluated based on ACT/SAT scores, high school grades, awards, extracurricular activities, responses to essay and short answer questions, and letters of recommendation.

The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science, Bowling Green, Kentucky. K likes. Kentucky's first state-supported residential 2-year STEM school for. At Gatton,you get no extra curriculars and that will really hurt you college admission wise.

I know two people who attend Gatton,and they both say it is hell. It is like a prison,and people who were top of their class sophomore year are making Cs their junior year. Gatton Academy- The Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science is a state supported residential program for bright, highly motivated Kentucky high school students who have demonstrated interest in pursuing advanced careers in science, technology, engineering.

The gatton academy admissions essay
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